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  • Support Plantar Aspect of Foot by Functionally Shortening and Reinforcing the Longitudinal Arches,
  • Permit Plantar Flexion Mobility, and
  • Limit Extension (Dorsiflexion) of the Midtarsal Joints.



Clean and prepare the area by shaving if excessive hair is present. Spray the area with skin toughener (Tuf-Skin®, STA®, etc.).

Place anchor strips of 1˝” tape, using light tension, around the foot at the level of the metatarsal heads.

Using firm tension, place strips of 1” tape from the head of the first metatarsal under the arch, around the heel.


Finish on the medial aspect of the head of the first metatarsal, shortening the medial arch.

Starting from the lateral aspect of the anchor’s plantar surface, apply a second strip, with strong tension, crossing the transverse arch diagonally around the foot.

Pass behind the heel without tension and finish over the lateral aspect of the head of the fifth metatarsal.


Repeat previous 2 steps two more times overlapping by ˝ tape width moving laterally.


Close up with circumferential strips of 1˝” tape. Apply with firm upward pressure, following contours of foot with each strip, beginning at the heads of the metatarsals, progressing towards the heel, over lapping each strip by ˝.

NOTE: elastic tape can be substituted for cotton tape for closing strips and anchor strips.

Test tape for adequate restriction of motion and ensure that tape on mid-foot is not too tight.



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